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the vision is simple:

to enable good

THE SHORT VERSION: When we use our powers -

our knowledge, expertise and experience - to help those who need it, we have the ability to enable good works and positive change in our communities and in our world.



Here, we believe in using your greatness

for the greater good.  


the intention

is to provide people with advice, knowledge and resources,

to help them be as successful as possible, in areas outside of their expertise.  

of powers for good (p4g)


TO DO THAT, we connect professionals and experts in their fields who are willing to share their knowledge + individuals and professionals who can benefit from that knowledge, expertise and experience.

(and to do that, we ask nicely)


Sharing of expertise and knowledge with those who can put it to use doing good.

(and yes, we know "good" is a subjective term - don't worry about that yet)

WE DO HAVE SOME PLANS for how to do this, and we would LOVE to share them.   


If you've made it this far and your thoughts are starting to float around somewhere between: 

"I'm pretty good at some things" and "I'm clueless and really need some help,"

then don't stop here... 

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