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i could talk about this for days

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Mission: To provide an opportunity for people to use their powers of knowledge, expertise and experience to enable good 

TO WORK TOWARD THIS MISSION, and to get this off the ground, we have a few specific plans:


  1. RECRUIT EXPERTS within, related but not limited to association, nonprofit, meeting and event management to offer their time and expertise

  2. CREATE RESOURCE EVENTS for this knowledge to be shared

  3. CREATE A SET OF RESOURCES on a variety
    of topics that can be put to practical use

  4. INVITE INDIVIDUALS AND PROFESSIONALS who may benefit from advice and resources from our contributing group

    people to experts and companies who may be able to partner with them further, based on their needs (thus expanding the possibilities for even more good)

a.k.a "THE WHY"

here's the story

P4G Story (Listen)

The primary catalyst for Powers for Good was a series of conversations between a few friends with different expertise. Two of us operate in the complex world of non-profit/association management, meetings and events. The third is a social worker specializing in immigrants and refugees, including children and survivors of torture.  Yep - serious stuff. Let's come back to that.

I say "complex world" because there are so many elements to any non-profit organization, association, meeting or event.  While they each have a specific outward purpose, it takes a diverse set of skills and experts behind the scenes to support that mission.  For example: an organization that raises money and awareness for a specific area of medical research will have a membership, leadership board and committees boasting with those medical experts. Managing those membership services, board meetings, committees, websites, communications, marketing, budgets, financials, reports, files, events, and so, takes specialists in those areas. It takes a village. 

Recently, it was imposed upon me to really think about why I love what I do, and believe in the work of association/nonprofit management.  Here's what I discovered: While I may not be a doctor, nurse, social worker, researcher, etc., my strengths and abilities help enable that work.  If I can plan the meeting where important knowledge is shared, then I am doing my part to use my powers to affect growth, change and good. Doctors don't need to be event planners, and event planners don't need to know medicine - but when we work together, amazing things can happen. 

A few phrases we all know and love come to mind (get ready, this is motivational Instagram meme territory)... 

  • Don't reinvent the wheel

  • Work smarter, not harder

  • Sharing is caring
    (and my personal favorite)

  • With our powers combined... 


Circling back as promised: I am not equipped to educate people on how to care for adolescents who are in a strange place and have experienced things most of us can't image; but I am equipped to share my simple event template, give advice on marketing timelines and show my friend how to design a newsletter, so SHE can do the important work of her specialty, for which she is uniquely equipped, and which is incredibly important for the greater good.

So between our real-life need-some-advice backyard-conversations, and some professional introspection, the idea was born: 
sharing.  A way for people from our world of management and planning expertise to share helpful tips and relevant advice with people in the trenches, trying to figure it  out on their own. 

And this idea seemed too important to leave it in the idea-box. So here we are. And it feels right. 

~ Catie

PS - I believe this is the beginning of something special. So keep browsing, and stay tuned, and if you want to get involved please reach out (seriously).  I hope this will grow, and I am excited about the possibilities of what amazing good we can do, together

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