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WHAT WE offer

(For Right Now.  We'll Do More. Later.)


Resource Events

  • Periodic events, each with a few highlighted topics, presented by pros

  • Extended Q&A to allow for specific questions and help

  • Practical resources from each contributor/event

  • All for a nominal fee (to help cover overhead costs) 

  • Think Tanks - collaborative brainstorming and problem solving sessions


Resource Access

  • For any event you attend, you will receive the resource (tip sheet, template, notes, documents, etc.) from that session/contributor

  • For unlimited access to all resources for the year, sign up for the M4G (members for good) package - get alerted when a new resource drops and receive invitations to all resource events - details to come.




Advice, Consulting, Referrals


  1. Peruse the expertise and resource topics covered by P4G and our contributors

  2. Connect with our P4G team or another M4G (member for good) for a quick opinion, help proofreading, or something more in-depth.

  3. Keep it going - any relationships formed as a result of P4G is a win-win in our book! 



We uniquely understand the expense and the risk associated with committing to events, and the effort required to gain traction and financial support. 

Collaborative events will allow individual do-gooders and small organizations to share the cost (and effort) of planning and hosting an event. Each participating group can sell tickets and sponsorships to your own audience and network, and the guest list would be made of an eclectic group of people and companies supporting good works. 

If you have any interest in this concept or know someone who could benefit, please connect! 

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